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About Alpha Jorge

Your new life of servitude begins today, faggot.

Do you often find yourself longing for the deep desire to serve an alpha?

Find purpose and meaning in your life?

Finally learn how it feels like to truly submit?

Now with this first video available directly from my site, you’ll be able to join countless other fags who now have meaning and purpose and know where they truly stand in the hierarchy of men. You too can find the value in being a faggot and do what you were always meant to do - to serve a straight and superior alpha.

Tribute today and get a number of items that only those who join my stable of fags have access to. You and I both know you'll only keep coming back to this page time and time again, so why wait?

Discover your purpose right now.

What You Get With Your Tribute

As my dedicated faggot, you are given direct access to me and a number of items that aren't available to regular readers of my blog. Read on to see what's in store for you when you make a tribute.

Crisp HD Worship Video

You asked for it, and here it is. Sit back and watch this crisp HD video as I take charge and walk you through what it means to be one of my faggots. Let my masculine voice and superior feet talk down to you and take you over the edge as you officially become my faggot, my slave, and my property from this point forward.


High Resolution Picture Set

You'll get a set of high resolution photos to keep, worship and drool over. You can use them to set as your wallpaper on your smartphone or laptop to further show respect and admiration.


  MP3 Recording

I stripped the audio from the Worship Video so you can take it with you and listen to it on the go. Save the mp3 to your smartphone, put some headphones on and listen to my voice discreetly wherever you are.


30 Minute Skype Call

A one-on-one call through Skype with me for a full 30 minutes. This alone is worth more than your initial tribute and is meant to set the foundation between an Alpha and his newly appointed fag. After our call, you'll be left in awe and wonder how you ever lived your life without an Alpha. You may also use this time to share any questions/comments you have about faggotry. 

  Ready Faggot? Follow These Steps to Tribute:


Purchase a Gift Card on Amazon

The minimum is a $20 Gift Card. Check the price table below to see what amount will get you which specific items. The Tribute buttons below the pricing table will take you directly to the Gift Card order page.


Send the Amazon Gift Card to & Fill Out the Form Below

After you have sent your Gift Card, come back to this page and fill out the download form below. The form lets me know who and where to send your download links. The order number for the gift card is readily available on the Orders tab on your Amazon account. Copy and paste it on the download form.

Order Download Form

Fill out the form below with your correct information. The first four sections are required.

Have a question or comment?


Thats It - Download Your Items

You'll receive your items and be able to download them the same day you sent your Gift Card. Check your email (and spam folder) for my email that reads "Here Are Your Download Links"

If you have any questions, you can contact me through email at or add me on Skype. My screen name there is AlphaJorge

  Tribute Chart:

  Tribute $20 


  • MP3 Recording 
  • x
  • x

Tribute $30


  • MP3 + Worship Video
  • High Res. Picture Set
  • x

  Tribute $50


  • MP3 + Worship Video
  • High Res. Picture Set
  • 30 Min Skype Call w/ Jorge


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

When will I get my download link?

Do you only accept Amazon Gift Cards?

How soon after I send my tribute can we talk on Skype?

I'd like to schedule more Skype conversations, how can I do so?

I have a question that isn't answered here...