​Fag Accounting:

​The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Serving An Alpha Financially

​Fag Accounting Workshop

​Learn how to serve an alpha financially even if you're halfway across the country or don't think you can afford to.

​Can you relate to the above statement, fag? For many of you, this is exactly what is keeping you from serving an alpha. Your two biggest problems are:

1. ​Not being able to serve because no alpha is near your vicinity 

​2. Not serving because you don't think you can afford to

Now with my brand new Fag Accounting workshop, I guide you, my lost faggots and slaves into a step-by-step blueprint that shows you how to serve an alpha even with those two obstacles. You'll learn the exact method I teach my own local fags ​that enables them to serve and make me proud each and every time. Students, those with tight budgets and even those who aren't working can all contribute to the life of a superior alpha - and this workshop teaches you how. 

​Download your training today and be ready to serve by this time tomorrow. ​Buy below:

​Your Training Comes With:

  MP3 ​Accounting Workshop

This 15 minute long training audio dives deep into how just about anyone can serve an alpha financially. You receive the formula I teach my fags to become crystal clear on just how much you're able to contribute. You get it all, right down to the exact methods I teach my local fags that enables them to save that fag cash, AKA, Jorge's Money.


30 Minute Skype Call

A one-on-one call through Skype with me for 30 minutes. This alone is worth more than your initial tribute and is meant to set the foundation between an Alpha and his newly appointed fag. After our call, you'll be left in awe and wonder how you ever lived your life without an Alpha. You may also use this time to share any questions/comments you have about faggotry. 

  Ready Faggot? Follow These Steps to Tribute:


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Send the Amazon Gift Card to Serve@AlphaJorge.com & Fill Out the Form Below

After you have sent your Gift Card, come back to this page and fill out the download form below. The form lets me know who and where to send your download links. The order number for the gift card is readily available on the Orders tab on your Amazon account. Copy and paste it on the download form.

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That's It - Download Your Items

You'll receive your items and be able to download them the same day you sent your Gift Card. Check your email (and spam folder) for my email that reads "Here Are Your Download Links"

If you have any questions, you can contact me through email at Serve@AlphaJorge.com or add me on Skype. My screen name there is AlphaJorge

  Tribute Chart:

​Tribute $25


  • check
    ​MP3 Accounting Workshop
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Tribute $50


  • check
    ​MP3 Accounting Workshop
  • check
    ​30 Min Skype Call


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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